Alumni & Parents

  • TO Our ALUMNI…

    We miss you, and hope you miss us too!

    Our St. Thomas More ALUMNI are the heart of our ministry in so many ways! As you cherish your memories of your years at WSU and St. Thomas More you also do so much to keep our ministry vital and growing for our current generation of Catholic Cougs. It is no surprise that a great portion of the donations we receive each year come from our devoted alumni around the world.

    We love having you stop in to say hello or spending a football weekend with us tailgating in our parking lot! We know you pray for us and every gift you send our way is a sign of your love and commitment to the on-going ministry of St. Thomas More on this campus.

    We are always looking to expand our alumni network. If you haven't heard from us in a while, we probably do not have your current contact info. Please reach out to our office by calling 509-332-6311, or fill out the form to the left.

  • Andrea Mendoza, Class of 2008

    "It has been 13 years since I left. To this day, some of my closest friends are the ones that grew out of my time at St. Thomas More. My senior year, I chose to live in a dorm next to St. Thomas More - it was that important to me."

  • To Our Parents...

    We hope to provide a welcome home away from home for your students at WSU.

    Without our PARENTS and the moral and spiritual support they give our Catholic Cougs every day, we wouldn't be able to offer much to our young Cougs; the relationship of parent and child, especially at this critical time in the life of these young people when many are away from home for the first time, is not just an important one, it is a SACRED one! We know well that we work in support of all that our Moms and Dads have already done to instill a vibrant faith in the hearts of their kids. We strive to build on that and deepen that in all that we do here. All the sacrifices our Catholic Coug Parents have made for their kids, especially now as they study and mature during their college years, is a huge blessing to us and we do our best every day to honor those gifts and magnify them in the Lord.

    We appreciate your support of our ministry at St. Thomas More, knowing that your prayers and gifts to us are yet more beautiful sacrifices made for your children!

    To register with us and receive updates please reach out to us by calling 509-332-6311 or fill out the form to the left.